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Conference Sponsor Spotlight - GRC Solutions

Conference Sponsor Spotlight - GRC Solutions

By Website Administrator , | September 18, 2023 at 8:33 AM

We sat down with Julian Fenwick, CEO of GRC Solutions, to find out more about their organisation. Read all about what's next for their team and the latest trends our members should look out for! 


Tell us about GRC Solutions

GRC Solutions is an online compliance training business. We build e-learning systems and write content for regulated industries who want to train their staff in the basics of compliance.
What do they need to know to operate their business? And how do they empower their staff to do the right thing by their clients and by each other within an organisation?

We cover a lot of different organisations and industries, such as financial services, local government, mining and engineering and construction. We provide training in technical areas like sanctions and anti-money-laundering, to HR topics like sexual harassment and bullying. We also have approximately 750 schools that we work with, where we provide training for teachers, staff, and volunteers on safeguarding child protection, privacy, and cyber security.

Last (but not least), we have a library of content for New Zealand as well! And predominantly we customise our content, so it's not a straight off the shelf – and although it can be, most of our clients will want some light tailoring to ensure that it's going to be fit for purpose, and their staff get the best possible outcome.


Why does GRC support the ILANZ Conference? 

We raced to get involved because we find this conference very welcoming! With any event, we love to feel like we’re part of the community and really enjoy the social aspect, which we know ILANZ puts a lot of effort into. I find that with some conferences the sponsors get treated like second class citizens – stuck in a hallway, hoping that a delegate stumbles across your stand. I find that creates an uncomfortable feeling for both the people manning the stand, and the delegates who don’t want to be sold to. So, we felt that that if we're going to get back into the New Zealand market, we want to be involved in this event, as we always feel like we’re included in the networking, functions and community.


What’s next for GRC Solutions?

We feel it's time off the back of Covid that we start to spread our wings a bit, so we’ll continue to put efforts into the New Zealand market, particularly within the education market. We know that we can't service from across the ditch, so we need to find a way of establishing ourselves on the ground there – either by finding a reseller partner or employing staff in New Zealand. We’ve got a few kiwis working for us in Aussie but don’t think they want to go home just yet!


What trends should our members keep an eye on?

With remote working now part of life, there’s exciting change happening in the world of online training! The old way of online training was just clicking through slides in a basic PowerPoint presentation, but now members should be looking for ways they can personalise content and customise at scale. It’s not only a powerful way of protecting your organisation but it also empowers your staff to do the right thing by your clients and each other. Because we want to make sure whatever content we’re consuming – whether it’s compliance or Netflix – that it’s a tailored experience! 

Another trend we’re seeing is data analytics - the ability to look at the data across your organisation to understand where you have risk and where your team should be focusing. I don't know of any legal or compliance team who isn't either short staffed or looking for more resources to be more efficient. And if they've got the data that allows them to easily triage and prioritise where they have the most risk, they can be much more effective as a team!


Visit GRC Solutions New Zealand webpage here.