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Speakers in Slippers Series: Mike King

Speakers in Slippers Series: Mike King

By Website Administrator , | August 31, 2020 at 2:20 AM

From: Celebrity Speakers


C9hVenDTbYmHpGElPhrswGstUAOW9krN76OMt53GhWKDidrRxSTcwAswwQYrCuhLwKiQV9yUoQBxcQtp80e8d38EWM6HN5XGIYfhQsmeNoRv50WWANmLUUGw6CBUoEppNew Zealander of the Year and mental health advocate Mike King has for years been known as the iconic Kiwi entertainer, but that role has changed dramatically since the conception of his hugely popular radio show "The Nutters Club". The show evolved from Mike’s own experience of mental illness and addiction and has become a huge success. The aim of the show is to ‘forever change the way people feel, think, talk and behave in relation to mental health’.

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