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2016 ILANZ Scholarship research report: Valuing our lawyers

2016 ILANZ Scholarship research report: Valuing our lawyers

By Sarah Taylor, Principal Legal Advisor, Tasman District Council| May 30, 2017 at 2:37 AM

Sarah Taylor Flexible Lawyering CoverSarah Taylor was awarded the 2016 ILANZ scholarship to undertake research into flexible working in the legal profession. Her report "Valuing our lawyers"  highlights the outcomes of her research and examines the opportunities and challenges both for individuals and organisations.

Illustrated with a number of case studies, Sarah's report includes valuable information on what is important to ensure flexible working is satisfactory for both lawyers and the organisations they work for.

Sarah concludes there is untapped potential in the legal profession not just in terms of individual well-being and productivity but also in terms of organisational benefits and encouraging diversity and retention of valuable talent.

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