ILANZ, In-House Lawyers Association of New Zealand




30 August 2019

Value and scope of Fund

1. Up to $6000 per annum

2. Is restricted to two grants per annum

Criteria for Grants from ILANZ for ILANZ members

Available for an event or course in New Zealand or overseas that:

  • Offers new thinking (on issues relevant to in-house lawyers) and is beyond everyday CPD or other routine legal funding sources.
  • Will be of interest to a broad range of ILANZ members


  • Requires the successful applicant to present at an ILANZ event(s) or produce an article/report(s) as agreed in advance


Applications for a grant(s) are open throughout the year or to a time when the grant funding is exhausted for that year. Each application to be reviewed by a selection panel made up of the ILANZ manager and two ILANZ committee members. The panel to meet quarterly if there are applications to review/funds available.

Relevant dates for applications for 2019/2020 are:

Applications received during

Receipt of applications no later than  

Outcome advised to applicants no later than

July-September 2019

30 September 2019

14 October 2019

October – December 2019

24 December 2019

24 January 2019

January – March 2020

31 March 2020

17 April 2020

April – June 2020

30 June 2020 

17 July 2020


1. The decisions of the ILANZ selection panel are final and will be reported to the ILANZ Committee at the next committee meeting.

2. The amount of the grant and the timing of payment will be confirmed with successful applicants – In addition, any agreed outputs will be confirmed as part of this process.

3. Feedback will be offered to unsuccessful applicants at the time they are advised of the outcome of their application.