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ILANZ Committee - Join the team

ILANZ Committee - Join the team

By Website Administrator , | 14 February 2020

Are you interested in making a significant contribution to the in-house legal community? You can do this by joining the ILANZ Committee for the 2020-2022 term.

Nominations are called for four officer and up to seven general positions on the ILANZ Committee. Nominations close 5pm Monday, 2 March 2020.

To help you to decide if you should nominate, take a look below at some key FAQs.

A year on the ILANZ committee: You will need to know what time commitment to expect.

  • Currently the Committee meets every 4-6 weeks.
  • 3 or 4 meetings are for up to 1.5 hours via video conference after work (around 5.15pm).
  • 3 meetings are kanohi-te-kanohi (face-to-face) for 4 hours during a work day and take place at NZLS in Wellington.

This frequency enables committee members to be actively involved in all ILANZ tactical initiatives, planning and discussions regardless of where they are based in New Zealand.

Then there’s our annual conference each May. Our committee members play a vital part in this flagship event, so allow up to 2.5 days per year to attend this.

Key focus areas for the committee: ILANZ works to connect, support and lead the in-house legal community. Our current key initiatives include:  

  • The annual ILANZ conference
  • Facilitating interest groups – whether in different regions or different practice areas – in the form of our ILANZ Satellite Networks
  • Further development of our in-house skills development course for our junior, mid-level and senior ILANZ members
  • Working with our Valued Partners to create opportunities for continuing professional development through speaking events, seminars and workshops
  • Progressing pro bono opportunities for in-house lawyers.

How the committee gets involved

  • Brainstorming during a strategy planning day – reviewing what has been successful in the past, what members have asked for and pooling ideas to achieve this. Drawing on overseas conferences for ideas, topical issues facing our members and utilising our Valued Partners’ resources and expertise.
  • Considering law reform that affects the in-house community
  • Promoting well-being by reporting key issues to the committee and ILANZ operational team so these can be addressed in our initiatives
  • Contributing articles to LawTalk
  • Attendance at law school career fairs to promote the in-house route to students
  • Co-ordinating and attending local, national and international collegiality and learning events
  • Suggesting ideas and delivering on them to work to connect, support and lead the profession


Which positions are open for nomination Excluding the role of President, all officer and committee positions are open for nomination of any full ILANZ member. 

President role Nominations for the role of President are open to full ILANZ members who have been an ILANZ committee member for at least one year.

Who can nominate Individuals may nominate themselves or another person (with that person’s consent). If you feel you, or a fellow ILANZ member, have the capacity to make a contribution and are keen to make a commitment to furthering the work of ILANZ, please complete the nomination form and return it by email to [email protected].

Election If more than one nomination is received for an officer position, or more than seven nominations for general positions, an election will be held between Monday 9 March and Friday 3 April 2020.  

For further information please click here, or consult the ILANZ Rules

If you would like have a chat about the election or the ILANZ committee you can contact the ILANZ Manager or a current committee member through [email protected]