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Deloitte/ILANZ In-house Lawyers’ Survey

Deloitte/ILANZ In-house Lawyers’ Survey

29 November 2018

Building our knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand in-house legal landscape

ILANZ is working with our Valued Partner,  Deloitte, to undertake a survey and series of interviews to build an understanding of the in-house legal landscape in New Zealand.  In mid January, we will release an online survey to ILANZ members that asks a series of questions to:

  • Build on our understanding of the current profile of the in-house legal profession
  • Gain an insight into the the current and aspirational priorities for in-house legal counsel

This survey will remain open until mid February and will be followed up with a series of in-person interviews carried out by Deloitte and ILANZ representatives.   These interviews will be held in late February/March.  You will be given the opportunity to express an interest in taking part in the interviews at the time of completing the survey or may be approached separately by ILANZ to participate.

The results of the survey and follow up interviews will be presented to ILANZ members at the ILANZ Conference, 8-10 May in Dunedin and will also be available as a free resource after this launch.

Our intention is to undertake this survey on a regular basis with Deloitte.  Deloitte currently run a similar survey in Canada and comparative data will be available.  In future years, we anticipate that comparative data will be available from other jurisdictions.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to participate in the survey.  The results will not only provide ILANZ with useful information that will inform our offerings to you but willl also provide you with comparisons for your organisation both locally and internationally.  More information will be sent out with the survey in the new year.