ILANZ, In-House Lawyers Association of New Zealand


Conference App

We encourage you to download the conference app and start exploring – meet the speakers, select your streamed sessions and find your peers. You can also update your delegate profile with a picture and social media links e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, so you can connect with your fellow conference-goers.

To download the app, please use the following links:


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Alternatively, open your device's app store and search ‘Ignite Event Launcher’.

Once you have opened the app, the following screen will appear:

               MicrosoftTeams image 5                                  

Enter the event code ‘ILANZ21’ then the following screen will appear:

                 MicrosoftTeams image 4           

If you have already registered for conference, you will be able to 'Sign Up'.

  • Enter your email address that you registered with then enter your temporary password. You can then choose your own password if you wish.
  • Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click 'Sign Up'
  • On the following screen, enter any details you wish to be visible to your fellow delegates and add an optional photo.
  • You’re ready to start exploring!
  • Remember to accept notifications so that you can be kept up to date during conference!

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact Shelley Haring on [email protected] or 021 403 316.