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Deloitte: Separating Sound from Noise

Separating Sound from Noise: Audio Evidence in Investigations, Litigation and Regulatory Matters

Join Deloitte for this 1-hour Discovery showcase 


There is a significant expansion of non-traditional evidential data sources such as Zoom calls, Teams chats, mobile devices and social media applications. Increasingly the audio files from these data sources, as well as call centre and voicemail records, are becoming an integral source of evidence for disputes, litigation, investigations and many regulatory matters.

Join Deloittes webinar on 24 November, where Alex Comyn, Director in Deloitte Australia’s Forensic Technology team, will present on the technology available to address the unique challenges of handling audio evidence. During the webinar he will showcase how the Voice Discovery engine efficiently handles audio files including automated transcription. The Voice Discovery engine recently recognised by winning a Relativity 2020 Innovation Award.

The one-hour training session will cover:

  • Overview:  A high-level overview of traditional vs. non-traditional data sources;
  • Data Capture:  Tools and techniques available and how can they be used to improve the efficiency and reliability of the Voice Discovery process;
  • Showcase:  Interview transcription analysis use case and demonstration;
  • Question and answer session.

Earn 1 CPD hour!

The presenters for this webinar are:

  • Jason Weir
    Partner, Deloitte | Forensic
  • Alex Comyn

Director, Deloitte | Forensic

  • Ra Shandra Clark
    Associate Director, Deloitte | Forensic

We hope you can join us for this one-hour webinar on 24 November 2020 at 1:00pm. Please register your interest here including your name, company and role.