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Deloitte Webinar: Discovery Insights

Join Deloitte for this 1 hour Discovery course
“Fighting fire with fire: Tackling 2021 discovery issues”


Discovery is a critical part of disputes, litigation, investigations and many regulatory matters.  Discovery has rapidly evolved due to technology, with a rapid expansion in the variety of potential evidence sources in recent years such as mobile devices and applications, audio, digital platforms, cloud and social media as well as more traditional data sources such as email and hardcopy documents. 


This course is designed to help lawyers, investigators and others involved in document reviews to learn about the some of the key building blocks essential to achieving a successful discovery process.  This one hour course will cover:

  • Overview: A high-level overview of the Electronic Delivery Reference Model (EDRM).
  • Metadata: What metadata is, why it is important and how to manage it.
  • Analytics: What are some of the analytics techniques available and how can they be used to materially improve the efficiency and reliability of large document reviews.
  • Better practice: Avoidable complications that result in unnecessary burden and cost.
  • Question and Answer Session.


The presenters for this webinar are:


  • Jason Weir
    Partner, Deloitte | Forensic
  • Ra Shandra Clark
    Associate Director, Deloitte | Forensic


We hope you can join us for this one hour webinar on 22 September 2020 at 12.30pm. Please register your interest here