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Working together to achieve success in remediation programmes

Working together to achieve success in remediation programmes

Remediation programmes to address issues such as overcharging customers, underpaying staff, data breaches and/or regulatory failings, are often large complex projects that attract a high level of scrutiny.   

Join this session with Deloitte to learn about how to better manage remediation programmes 

Learning objectives: 

  • What are the practical risks in managing remediation programmes?
  • How to set up your remediation programme for success
  • How can you leverage technology, analytics & AI to support remediations


Jason Weir 

Jason leads the Deloitte Forensic practice in New Zealand.  Jason specialises in forensic accounting and technology and has supported clients on many high profile crisis response projects including complex investigations, class actions, disputes, remediation, regulatory and enforcement matters.  Jason and his team leverage advanced technology to better manage vast volumes of both structured and unstructured data.  Jason has provided evidence to Court on both civil and criminal matters.


Catherine Davidson 

Catherine specialises in risk and forensic data analytics and has recent experience working on large scale litigation and remediation programmes. Her focus on these programmes is primarily on leveraging analytics to both isolate affected customer populations and perform various calculations around quantification of loss in a defensible manner, at scale.  


Nadia Ali 

Nadia specialises in helping organisations to effectively set-up and deliver small to large scale remediation programmes. Her focus is on helping organisations establish governance, delivery playbooks, methods and tools that remediation exercises can deploy to deliver with increased confidence and efficiency.