ILANZ, In-House Lawyers Association of New Zealand


Terms & Conditions

ILANZ Award Nomination Terms & Conditions

By submitting your nomination for an In-House Lawyers Association of New Zealand (ILANZ) Award (Award) you accept all of the following terms:

  1. Use of terms: In these terms, weus and our are references to ILANZ; and you and your are references to the person or persons (including any in-house legal term) nominated for an Award.

  2. Eligibility: To be eligible for an Award, you must meet the eligibility criteria stated in this form.

  3. Non-compliant nominations: We may reject or withdraw your nomination at any time if it is deemed by ILANZ to be ineligible, late, incomplete or does not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions or satisfy the eligibility criteria.

  4. False or exaggerated statement: If (acting reasonably) we determine that any statements in your nomination are false and/or are considered to be exaggerated or unverifiable, your nomination will not be considered.

  5. Judging panel discretion and decisions: We have complete discretion in determining Awards finalists and winners. Our decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. If any member of our Awards judging panel is conflicted or has an interest in any nominee, that person will be excused from judging the relevant nominee’s application.

  6. Right to revoke or withdraw: We may publicly revoke an Award or withdraw you from consideration for an Award at any time if we become aware of information that we consider would have materially affected the Awards judging panel’s decisions.

  7. No duty or obligation: The judging, conduct and results of the ILANZ awards process does not impose any legal obligation or duty on us or any Award sponsor.

  8. Withdrawal or combination: We may (acting reasonably) choose to not give out an Award and/or to combine Award categories at our discretion.

  9. Contacting nominees: For an individual Awards, if a person is nominated by someone outside their organisation, we may advise the nominee that they have been nominated.

  10. Submission and use of nominations: We are not responsible for any loss or damage to entries and we will not return nominations after they have been submitted. You agree that we can use nominations for the purposes of judging, conducting and promoting the Awards.

  11. Sharing of nomination information: You agree that we may share any of the initiatives and achievements of winners and finalists as described in your nomination at the awards dinner, or in any promotional material relating to the Awards (including via social media). If there is any specific information in your nomination that is confidential, you must identify it as such.

  12. Awards ceremony: If you wish to attend the Awards ceremony, you will need to purchase tickets to that event.

  13. Collection of Awards: Awards must be collected at the Awards ceremony. If the Awards ceremony cannot be conducted in person, we will send the Award to each Award winner.

  14. Photography and video recordings: You agree that during the Awards ceremony, we may record video and photos, including of you and your guests and that we own all intellectual property in such recordings and use them to promote the Awards without compensation to you.

  15. Announcement and promotion of Award finalists and winners: If you are an Award finalist or winner, you agree that we can publicly state this and use your image to promote and publicise the Awards.

  16. Publicity: Award winners and finalists may be asked to work with us and the Award sponsors to help publicise the Awards and their achievements, which may include participating in publicity activities following the award presentations. You also agree to make yourself (or suitable representative(s) from your organisation) to take reasonable steps to be available for interviews, filming, photography and promotional activities conducted by us and/or the Award sponsor without compensation to you; however, we appreciate your employment priorities may affect the extent to which you can be available and we will work with you to achieve this activity to your satisfaction. ILANZ will own all intellectual property rights that may be created through your participation in such interviews, filming, photography and promotional activities.

  17. No endorsement: Winning an Award does not constitute an endorsement of you by us or any Award sponsor.

  18. Entries by sponsor and their staff: Sponsor organisations and their staff are not permitted to enter or be nominated in the Award category which they sponsor.

  19. Changes: We can change these terms and any aspect of the Awards at our discretion and at any time, including delaying or cancelling any Award.

  20. No liability: We shall not be liable to you for any lost profits, lost revenue or any indirect or consequential losses suffered or incurred by you as a result of your nomination or participation in the Award process, if you win an Award or the performance of any of your obligations in these terms and conditions.