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Energy Law Association Essay Competition 2013

16 July 2013

This year the Energy Law Association (ELA) is running the inaugural ELA Essay Competition. The ELA invites applicants from a wide range of legal areas. We envisage that essays will be on any legal topic directly of relevance to the...

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2015 ILANZ Scholarship Report: The Government legal in-house model

By By Tania Warburton, Policy Advisor (Legal) Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet| 25 August 2017

Tania Warburton was awarded the ILANZ scholarship at the end of 2014.Using this support and her 2015 Leadership Development Centre (LDC) fellowship, Tania attended Harvard Law School’s Leadership in Corporate Counsel Programme.On her return to New Zealand, Tania interviewed a...

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NZLS Gender Equality Charter

31 August 2018

The Gender Equality Charter is a set of commitments aimed at improving the retention and advancement of women lawyers. Since its launch in April, 65 legal workplaces - including seven in-house teams have signed up to the charter.We can all...

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