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The right solution, at the wrong time?

By Hayden Wilson, Partner, Kensington Swan| 24 November 2016

'Why don't we just cut to the chase?' It's a phrase we hear often - the parties have gathered, they've done their preparation and they are ready for us to lead them to the promised land... settlement...and quickly...

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ILANZ Scholarship Opening December

30 November 2016

ILANZ will be inviting applications for the 2017 ILANZ scholarship next month. We strongly encourage all in-house counsel and post-graduate law students to consider applying for this opportunity.The total scholarship award of up to $10,000 may be made to an...

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Solicitor-General inspires government lawyers

By Helen Mackay| 19 October 2016

“Be strong, be courageous, be steadfast.” This was the final encouragement with which Solicitor-General Una Jagose QC ended her address at the Government Lawyers Conference in Wellington in August.

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The Pokemon Go craze – How does augmented reality affect real world rights and responsibilities?

By Toby Gee, Special Counsel & Eleanor Milne, Solicitor, MinterEllisonRuddWatts| 19 October 2016

Augmented reality (AR), the technology behind Pokémon Go, creates a virtual world that overlaps with the physical, so users can interact with a combination of both worlds in real time.

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A ‘world leading framework’ for pay equity in the pipeline

By Catherine Fleming, Senior Associate, Public Law at Kensington Swan| 20 September 2016

The Government is in the process of fashioning “a world-leading framework for the consideration of pay equity”, to be announced “in the not too distant future” according to Michael Woodhouse, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety.

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General Counsel Forum - July/August

20 September 2016

The July/August General Counsel Forums focused on diversity, with special guest speaker Dame Jenny Shipley.

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Shared Services series

19 July 2016

The following article is the first in a series where we invite in-house lawyers in various organisations to share how the Shared Services rules changes will impact their provision of legal services.

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Distress and Injury to Feelings: Will Employees Increasingly Look to the Human Rights Review Tribunal?

By Steve Wragg, Senior Associate and Mallory Ward, Solicitor, Kensington Swan| 21 June 2016

An employee who has suffered unlawful discrimination may opt to bring their claim in the Employment Relations Authority (Authority) or in the Human Rights Review Tribunal (HRRT).

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NZ Law Society - Practising Well

21 June 2016

The New Zealand Law Society's Practising Well initiative provides access to support and resources for lawyers in three key areas: healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy practice.

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