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Swiss Army Knives - an international perspective

By Gabrielle O'Brien| 30 October 2017

“A corporate counsel must be able to analyse issues and identify problems, to anticipate future events and possiblities, and to exercise practical and holistic judgement to do the right thing as a trusted advisor.........”

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Legal Gymnastics – How Can Lawyers Go Agile?

By Larissa Vaughan, Head of Legal Wealth and Digital Lead Lawyer at Kiwibank| 22 August 2017

I’ve been working with agile tech teams for a couple of years now. Mostly it’s fun, with the expected technical legal challenges trying to determine what law applies in novel situations.

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ILANZ awards 2017

By Website Administrator , | 27 August 2017

ILANZ catches up with the winner of the AUT Law School Community Contribution Award, Eva Hartshorn-Sanders...

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ILANZ Scholarship

By Sarah Taylor, Principal Legal Advisor, Tasman District Council| 29 June 2017

Sarah Taylor, Principal Legal Advisor and winner of the 2016 ILANZ Scholarship, shares her thoughts about applying for, and receiving, the scholarship

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2017 ACC Australia Benchmarks and Leading Practices Report

30 June 2017

The 2017 Benchmarks and Leading Practices Report is now available. 

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One step ahead - Obtaining and maintaining the edge - Deloitte Bribery and Corruption Survey 2017

5 July 2017

The potential damage bribery and corruption can cause to an organisation transcends any immediate financial costs. It has a deep and potentially lasting impact on an organisation’s reputation, on its culture, regulatory standing and even long-term profitability. This is the finding...

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2016 ILANZ Scholarship research report: Valuing our lawyers

By Sarah Taylor, Principal Legal Advisor, Tasman District Council| 30 May 2017

Sarah Taylor was awarded the 2016 ILANZ scholarship to undertake research into flexible working in the legal profession. Her report "Valuing our lawyers"  highlights the outcomes of her research and examines the opportunities and challenges both for individuals and organisations.

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2017 ILANZ Scholarship - Apply now

By Tiffany Henderson| 30 May 2017

ILANZ has extended the application period for the 2017 ILANZ Scholarship. Applications now close 31 August 2017.We strongly encourage all in-house counsel and post-graduate law students to consider applying for this opportunity.The total scholarship award of up to $10,000 may...

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ILANZ Awards 2017 - Winners announced

By Tiffany Henderson| 30 May 2017

The 2017 ILANZ Awards were announced on Friday night in Rotorua at the ILANZ conference gala dinner. ILANZ would like to extend its congratulations to all the winners and finalists.

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4 Reasons to attend the 2017 ILANZ conference

By Tiffany Henderson| 14 April 2017

1. Celebrate our unique profession and discover the latest developments that affect you and your organisation.

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