ILANZ, In-House Lawyers Association of New Zealand

ILANZ Scholarship

Consistent with ILANZ’s objectives, the ILANZ Committee decided to establish a research scholarship (the Scholarship).  The purpose of the Scholarship is to enable a New Zealand in-house lawyer or post-graduate law student to undertake research directly relevant to the practice of in-house law in this country, and to publish that research.

The undertaking and publication of such research is expected to benefit the in-house profession generally, by:

  • promoting greater awareness and/or understanding of issues of relevance to the in-house profession; and/or
  • advancing the practice of the in-house profession.

Award of the Scholarship and successful delivery of the identified outputs is also expected to improve the standing and reputation of the recipient.

Details of the Scholarship

Value of the Scholarship

The value of the Scholarship is up to $10,000 in any given year.

The Selection Panel reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to:

  • award the Scholarship to one applicant in its entirety or in part;
  • award the Scholarship to two or more applicants, in proportions to be determined by the Selection Panel; and/or
  • not award the Scholarship, or any part thereof, in any given year.

The total amount awarded may not exceed $10,000 across all successful applicants in any given year.

Tenure of the Scholarship

The Scholarship is usually for one year, with all outputs set out in the Proposal to be delivered by the end of that time.  Relevant details are to be agreed with each recipient as part of the selection process.

Frequency of the Scholarship

Applications for the Scholarship will be considered once a year.

Application process

To be considered for the Scholarship, applicants must submit an application to ILANZ

Applications must include a research proposal (“the Proposal”) that clearly sets out the following:

  • A full project plan that explains the exact nature of the work to be undertaken.
  • Justification for the work and the anticipated benefits that will result from it.
  • A complete budget.
  • Particulars of any additional sources of funding.
  • A complete timeline, including commencement and completion dates.
  • Information as to the proposed dissemination/publication of results.
  • The names of at least two appropriately qualified referees who have agreed to be contacted.

Applications must also include a completed Application Form. Click here to download the application form.

If submitted electronically, the Application Form and the Proposal must be submitted in PDF form to the address set out below.

Eligibility criteria

Applications will only be considered from applicants who:

  • hold a current practising certificate and is an in-house lawyer (that is, a lawyer employed by a corporate, government or other organisation not in private practice); or
  • are currently enrolled (or will be at the time of commencing the research) in post-graduate law study at a New Zealand University.

Applicants must not previously have been awarded the Scholarship.

Only one application will be accepted per applicant in any given year.

Selection criteria

In determining to whom the Scholarship should be awarded, the Selection Panel will have regard to the following criteria (albeit that the Selection Panel reserves the right to consider additional criteria or place particular weight on one or more of the criteria as they consider appropriate):

  • The overall quality of the Proposal, including the degree of originality and insight demonstrated.
  • The likelihood that the work produced will be of a standard and nature suitable for publication.
  • The practical and/or research experience of the applicant.
  • The capability of the applicant to undertake the work set out in the Proposal.
  • The passion and enthusiasm of the applicant for undertaking the work set out in the Proposal.
  • The availability of other sources of funding to support the applicant to undertake the work set out in the Proposal.
  • The likelihood that the award of the Scholarship to the applicant to undertake the work set out in the Proposal will lead to outputs that will:
    • promote greater awareness and/or understanding of issues of relevance to the in-house profession; and/or
    • advance the practice of the in-house profession.
    • Any other matters.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel will consist of:

  • the ILANZ President;
  • the Dean of a New Zealand Law School; or other academic and
  • a senior practising in-house lawyer.

The ILANZ President and the ILANZ Executive Officer will identify an appropriate senior in-house lawyer for inclusion on the Selection Panel, with that appointment being subject to the approval of the ILANZ Committee.


ILANZ alone has the right to announce the winner of the Scholarship.  This announcement may be made in whatever way the ILANZ Committee decides, including by notice in the In-House Insider or by announcement at an ILANZ function.

ILANZ will also have the right to publish the results of research undertaken pursuant to the Scholarship.  In addition, any other publication of the results of such research must acknowledge ILANZ as the provider of the Scholarship that led to the research.  That acknowledgement must be in a form which has been approved by the ILANZ Executive Officer.

The recipient of the Scholarship will not be entitled to obtain pecuniary gain from the publication of the research without the prior written permission of the ILANZ Executive Officer.


Payment of the Scholarship shall be made in such manner and on such conditions as shall be determined by the ILANZ Committee.


The recipient must provide a written progress report to ILANZ when requested.  This will be at least every three months during the tenure of the Scholarship.

The ILANZ Committee may at any time modify the conditions on which the Scholarship has been awarded.

If the ILANZ Committee is satisfied the recipient is failing to make adequate progress against the expectations set out in the Proposal, the ILANZ Committee may terminate the Scholarship and decline to make any additional payments to the recipient.

In addition to the above, the ILANZ Committee may at any time suspend or terminate the Scholarship if it is satisfied that the recipient is not diligently pursuing the approved programme or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the Scholarship was awarded.

Power to vary regulations

The ILANZ Committee may, if it thinks fit, relax or modify the application of any of these regulations in any special circumstances. 

Contact details

Interested parties should contact Gabrielle O'Brien, ILANZ Executive Manager

ph: 04 463 2907

Email: gabrielle.o'