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Conference Condensed Blog #2: Dr Harold Hillman, Seven elements of authenticity

Conference Condensed Blog #2: Dr Harold Hillman, Seven elements of authenticity


Kia ora koutou!

Is it as wet everywhere else in NZ as it is in Taranaki? Hopefully you’re all staying warm, dry and healthy out there this winter.

Welcome to #2 of ‘Conference Condensed’. This time I’ll share the lessons and reminders we got from one of our big hitting speakers, Harold Hillman. He walked us through his ‘Seven elements of authenticity and how they can influence successful outcomes through stronger connections at work’.

1. Apply positivity to your outlook. People respond so much better to a can do/will do attitude. It gives them comfort and confidence.

2. Be Real. It shows when you just try to fit the mould expected of you. You are less authentic and that can erode peoples’ confidence in your logic. Without authenticity and logic, there is less trust.

3. Edge. Do you have an edge to your style/approach? It's ok to have an edge.

4. Vulnerability is ok. You don't need to know everything or be in control of everything. That's totally ok! Asking for help and assistance is a strength, not a weakness.

5. Energy. People can feel your energy and enthusiasm. You can bring your team or colleagues along with you if you supply the energy for them! It invigorates your colleagues.

6. Integrity. Speaks for itself. We lawyers are steeped in integrity. That’s something that  shone like a beacon when I spoke with our members at #ILANZ18.

7. Connections. Your connections with others pull you together. No one is an island (okay I borrowed and adapted that from a sixth form English class John Donne poem, but you get the picture). So use your connections to stay engaged, supported and sociable. These factors help you work more successfully. You can achieve what you need if you connect with authenticity.

Thanks to Harold Hillman, PhD for sharing his decades of research on this with us at #ILANZ18.

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