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Welcome to the new ILANZ blog!

Welcome to the new ILANZ blog!

By Sian Wingate corporate lawyer, Powerco Ltd & ILANZ committee member | 26 March 2018

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Welcome to the new ILANZ blog!

By now you will have received your invitation to register your interest in our flagship #ILANZ18 conference, the biggest and best in-house gathering in New Zealand.

If you have registered, that's fantastic - we cannot wait to connect with you in Hamilton! If you haven't registered, maybe we can encourage you to do so by sharing a bit more detail on the style of this year's conference.

Our conference theme this year is No.8 Wire. As a non-native New Zealander, I love this phrase. It epitomises the Kiwi 'can do, will do' attitude.  It's why I love this place. This year we're going to offer you a chance to craft some of your own DIY conference content.

Let me explain a bit more.

In November last year, Grant Pritchard (a fellow committee member) and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend the SparkONE Unconference - a Spark innovation camp held in Snell's Beach, north of Auckland. I didn't know what to expect. My experience was fantastic. Grant works for Spark and is an Unconference convert. I'm now a convert too and your ILANZ committee would like you, our members, to try the format out too!

Post it picFor those who have never heard of an 'Unconference' the recipe is this.

1. Take over a location with some meeting spaces.

2. Invite passionate and interesting people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible.

3. Put up empty boards with timeslots to be filled for unconference day.

4. Offer post it notes and pens to capture proposed topics.

5. Invite your attendees who want to lead a session to fill those post it notes with their session idea.

6. Group or pair some folk who want to discuss a similar theme

7. Go to the session tabled with an open mind and a generous spirit. Listen, discuss and learn.

8. Real issues are tabled. Ideas flow and a genuine dialogue on a matter follows.

Can you spot the difference? ALL the content is attendee-driven. Not a pre-planned speaker in sight.

The result?  You can attend or host session slots on topics that you want to discuss - on interesting topics that you didn't know were interesting. You can talk about something that you want to talk about that you may only have just thought about that day. It can be spontaneous if you want it to be.

Have a look at the snapshot of one of the Unconference session days. Diverse isn't it?

So how will this work at the #ILANZ18 conference? While we won't have the whole conference in this format, we have a plan to introduce a couple of unconference sessions.

Watch out for the next blog and I'll tell you all about it…


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Sian Wingate is a corporate lawyer at Powerco Ltd and an ILANZ committee member 

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