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International Bar Association Conference 2017


Corporate Counsel - Special Conference Registration

The International Bar Association Annual Conference will be held in Sydney from 8 – 13 October 2017, at which it is expected some 4,000 - 5,000 delegates from across Australia and around the world will be in attendance.

As the single largest annual gathering of international lawyers, it is a unique opportunity to showcase the strength and diversity of Australia’s legal profession. 

The last time the Conference was in Australia was 1994 in Melbourne, and so this is truly a unique opportunity for all Australian lawyers, and especially Corporate Counsel, to attend and participate in the nearly 200 sessions that will take place during the conference week, as well as the extensive social programme, whilst also establishing new relationships and developing business networks.

For the Sydney Conference, the IBA has developed and will be offering a 50% discount for Australian and New Zealand based Corporate Counsel who register online before the registration early bird deadline of 21 July 2017.  In addition, this would be a flexible registration that can be passed around amongst the lawyers in the legal team.  As a result, it would be possible for a different lawyer from the corporate legal department to attend the Conference each day.

The intention of this offer is to make the Conference as inclusive as possible for Corporate Counsel to attend, and for them to be able to take advantage of the developmental and networking opportunities offered by the IBA Annual Conference at a greatly reduced rate.

The rates for the local Corporate Counsel flexible registration will be:

IBA Corporate Group Members (Australia & New Zealand):

£980 + GST (normal rate £1,760 + GST)

Corporate Counsel (Australia & New Zealand)

£980 + GST (normal rate £1,760 + GST)

This special rate can only be applied for online.  The on-line registration link is:

During the online registration process, if Corporate Counsel is selected as the lawyer type, and the country as Australia or New Zealand, then this special rate will become available.

The name change-over process (if required) would be done at the conference registration desk at the start of each day.  A registration should be made in the name of the primary contact attending on the first day and they can then amend the badge each day in favour of someone else from their legal department.