ILANZ, In-House Lawyers Association of New Zealand

Roles & Responsibilities of ILANZ Committee

Information on standing for and being a Committee member of ILANZ

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The In-house Lawyers Association of New Zealand (ILANZ) is the section of the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) that represents the interests of in-house lawyers. Its membership is over 2700 which is 99% of the in-house legal profession in New Zealand and 21% of the legal profession overall.

What does the Committee do?

The Committee is responsible for the governance of ILANZ and delivers its strategy through NZLS staff based at the National Office in Wellington.   The Committee advocates on behalf of members, represents members at the NZLS Council and Wellington Branch Council, administers the ILANZ Scholarship and the ILANZ Awards, and organises events such as the annual Conference, the ILANZ minis and Essence series as well as other CPD opportunities through its valued partners.

What are the benefits of being on the Committee?

  • promoting the objects of ILANZ.  ILANZ’s objects (as set out in the ILANZ Rules) are to:
      • Provide leadership to in-house lawyers in New Zealand;
      • Provide professional networking opportunities for in-house lawyers;
      • Act as a spokes organisation for in-house lawyers;
      • Identify member education and development needs and broker opportunities to meet these needs;
      • Provide relevant guidance on emerging national and international trends, issues and best practices relevant to members;
      • Promote the value of in-house lawyers;
      • Promote the multi-faceted roles of in-house lawyers;
      • Promote the roles of and operate as a Section of the Society;
      • Promote or conduct any other activities consistent with the spirit of the foregoing objects;
      • Further the functions of the Society.
  • Working with a motivated group of Committee members
  • Being involved in the governance of ILANZ
  • Attending events on behalf of ILANZ

However, please note that it is not possible to apply for the ILANZ Scholarship or any of the individual ILANZ awards whilst serving as a Committee member.

How many people are on the Committee?

11 people – being 4 Officers of ILANZ and 7 general Committee members.

Who are the Officers?

These are the roles of President, Vice-president, Treasurer, and Secretary.  More information on these roles appears below. 

Who can be a voting member of the Committee?

Any ILANZ member can stand for election to the Committee in any role. Nominations are welcomed from all members of ILANZ.

Ideally, the Committee should be representative of the In-house profession, with a mix of members from public and private Companies, Central Government, Crown Entities, Local Government, situated in both the cities and the provinces. 

What is the process of standing for election to the Committee?

Simply complete a nomination form, have it signed by an ILANZ member and submit it along with biographical details for publication, by the due date.  If more nominations are received than positions available, an electronic election will be held, on the “first past the post” basis.  All members of ILANZ are entitled to vote.  Once voting has closed, the number of votes that each candidate receives will be made available to ILANZ members.  

What is the term of the Committee?

One year, to take effect from the Annual General Meeting.  This is held in May each year.  Usually the Annual General Meeting is held as part of the Annual Conference.   

How often are meetings held?

Monthly from February to December, on the first Wednesday of the month, commencing at 5.45pm for 1.5 hours. 

Where are meetings held?

A video conference links members in Auckland and Wellington.  Those in other locations join the meetings by teleconference. 

What are the expectations of general Committee members?

  • Be prepared for, attend and contribute to all meetings (missing no more than two per year) plus the annual Strategy day.
  • Make an active contribution
  • Participate in and contribute to at least one work stream or project.
  • Volunteer for activities and come up with creative ideas.
  • Keep confidential any in-committee or sensitive matters discussed by the Committee or obtained due to Committee role
  • Where possible, support events organised by ILANZ

How much time will being on the Committee take?

This does depend on the role and the work steam but it is likely to be approximately 5 hours per month.   The annual Strategy day is held on a business day during the first 3 months after the Annual General Meeting.   ILANZ meets the reasonable costs of travel to and from Strategy day.

Information regarding specific roles

What are the duties of the President, Treasurer and Secretary?

Executive duties (taken from Clause 7 of ILANZ Rules)

7.2             President’s duties

7.2.1         The President of ILANZ shall:

(a)           preside at all meetings of the Committee and at all general meetings of ILANZ (if in attendance);

(b)          prepare an annual report to the Society on the work of ILANZ as required;

(c)           keep the Society informed of the key programmes and activities of ILANZ as appropriate;

(d)          be the contact person for any enquiries from the media, and to make all public statements on behalf of ILANZ, unless delegated by the President to another Committee member or member.

7.3             Treasurer’s duties

7.3.1              The Treasurer of ILANZ shall:

(a)           manage the proper collection and disbursement of the funds of ILANZ;

(b)          arrange the keeping of all usual and proper books of account;

(c)           arrange the preparation of an annual balance sheet and statements of account in respect of the operations of ILANZ;

(d)          arrange the preparation of regular financial reports to the Committee and the Society as required;

(e)          arrange such regular and timely audits of ILANZ accounts as are required by law, regulation or Society Rules.

7.4               Secretary’s duties

7.4.1         The Secretary of ILANZ shall:

(a)    keep all books, documents and other property (except money) of ILANZ;

(b)       call meetings as required, including by these Rules;

(c)       take minutes of all meetings of the Committee and general meetings of ILANZ;

(d)       as authorised by the Committee or the President attend generally to the business of ILANZ;

(e)       supervise any internal or external party as appointed by the Committee to undertake the administration aspects in part or whole of the Secretarial role.

For further information please consult the ILANZ Rules click here or the Secretary of ILANZ through